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Prepare for Birth in the comfort of your own home

This is a course like no other! I promise you. You will get to not only prepare for birth but understand and build resilience as parents too

With the current protocols and Pandemic rules but also as 'normal' life has changed, preparing for birth in the comfort of your own home is more logical. I have added the opportunity for you to meet with me LIVE on a Zoom session.

Once confirmation of booking is confirmed, date suggestions will be sent out according to availability. You are welcome to make contact following completion of the online lesson to clarify anything

What will you learn?

You will learn what you can do to prepare for the labour and birth

Your birth partner will get a lesson just for them!

You will learn how to plan your postpartum and get a few of my winner recipes to try

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If there is a partner in your life or a family member who will be present for you, there is a chapter to look into together

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Whether you choose to birth with pain relief or not, there is still some information herein that I feel you will be glad I covered.

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This phase demands that you plan ahead of time just as you focus and give attention to your birth plan. We will cover how to make the planning part manageable

You can check reviews of other couples, especially my recent review from a new father on this link:

You will find that the videos within the online course are made specifically for the Birth partners. My way of working is geared around bringing them IN in the world of pregnancy, Birth and postpartum so that they can understand in detail the magnitude of it all and also understand the need to work through it all as a family and a team

Is there a book or workbook attached to this course?

There is. You will receive a link with the guiding workbook which coincides with the chapters within the course

When do we meet you on Zoom to clarify our questions?

You will receive 3 options by email for Zoom calls totalling 1,5 hours to go through topics you need clarifying.

Does it matter if we are 1st, 2nd or 3rd time parents?

No it doesn't matter which number of pregnancy you decide to join this course. If anything, I love it when experienced parents take the course because they understand better what they would like to do different 2nd or 3rd time round :-)



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